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AKA GetOuttaOfMyKitchen, I am an authentic Italian Cuoca, Pasta Maker, Cooking Instructor, Personal Chef, Recipe Developer for the curriculum. At the same time, I like thinking of myself as a storyteller because behind any good recipe, there's a beautiful story to tell about.



I was born and raised in Napoli, " That's Amore" Italy, where I met my super handsome beloved husband and brought me to the USA. 


My cooking skills have been nourished since a very young age. I must say that I have been so blessed in my life. I grew up surrounded by a loving family who happened to be highly talented cooks. Both my grandmothers were born between the end and the beginning of 1900. They learned from their moms and grandmoms how to make pasta, bread, and anything. Now can you imagine? Over 300 hundred years of family recipes and traditions they passed me on. None of this can be learned from any school; it can only be passed on.  


A chef was born - besides learning from my nonnas, I have learned authentic Italian traditional recipes through my sweet and caring mamma Anita, 'oh my mamma!" She is capable of turning a meatball into a caress straight to your heart. So I became an expert in the culinary tradition of region Campania. Later on, my curiosity led me to learn about all the Italian regional cuisines and local culinary history and traditions.


From papá "the explorer" Ettore, who served his country as Chief Cook, she has learned to experiment, developing every day a new recipe.

 Dad was unbelievable; his creativity and imagination were out of this world. Thanks to him, I have learned to experiment by developing new recipes every day. I miss my dad, but he is always with me, especially when cooking.


Around the age of 14, my dear auntie Rita introduced me to the pastry world. She came to visit one day; I wanted to bake a cake; while she was hanging out with my mom sitting on the couch, she asked me: what are you up to, sweetheart? I would love to bake a cake. 


She did not even come close; while she continued to talk with mom and her friends sitting on the couch, she instructed me to bake my first sponge cake, chocolate pastry cream. I still recall her word: do not leave the saucepan on a low-medium heat gently stir. Always in the exact directions; otherwise, you'll get lumps" Out of the blue, the study of physics's matter started to make sense; the rest is history. 


​If you have read so far, I think you might have an idea of why I love cooking so much. 


I also love teaching Authentic Italian Regional Recipes by following the heritage and culinary tradition of the Italian Cooking Academy, also Spanish and French cuisine, and tutoring about healthy food.  


Certifications in:




                            Child Nutrition and Cooking

                            Stanford Introduction to Food and Heath

                            Weight Management

                            Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy

                            Science of Exercise

Autumn Pasta