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Digital Marketing Made Simple- Welcome!

Ready to learn all about digital marketing? Welcome to Glenda Kelly's Digital Marketing Blog! Here, you'll find essential tips and resources on the latest developments in digital marketing. If you're considering starting a career in Digital Marketing or learning what a Marketing Agency can do for your Brand, you may find this blog helpful.

Before answering the question: What is Digital Marketing? It is crucial to understand what Marketing is.

Ready set, go!

Definition of Marketing

There are a variety of definitions for Marketing to express the same concept, and beginners approaching the topic may need help grasping it at first. So I created a simple one for you:

Marketing aims to create interest in a product or service to convince potential customers to buy it.

Marketing is Everywhere

Please think of the last time you were outdoors, whether driving on the roads or the highways or walking in the streets of your city; I'm sure you have seen those giant advertisement boards around you. For example, on the streets of Manhattan in New York, you can see those LED billboard displays running commercials everywhere. Or when you are driving, you have your radio on and hear a commercial, or turn on the tv and boom! The commercial is on. You come back home from work and pick up your mail in the mailbox; certainly, more than once, you've found brochures from companies showing the launch of a new product or discounted products to offer. Well, all of these are part of marketing campaigns for a brand.

Why is Marketing Everywhere?

Because marketing is an essential part of a company when it comes to presenting or reminding people its products exist. The high level of competition in the business world is brutal, so how you market a product or service can make a difference.

What's at the core of Marketing?

The product, the price, the place, and the promotion is at the core of Marketing.

Consider the product or service of a company at the core of marketing strategies. The product is what the company wants to sell to its potential customers. At this stage, marketers research and learn about the products the company wishes to sell; they analyze the market and the competition and determine how the product or service can be used and how the product or service can benefit a targeted audience. Remember, a product or a service should solve someone's problem or fulfill someone's need.

Once all the diligence is done, choosing the selling price of a product is an essential factor. To determine a product's worth, it's crucial to decide on the unit cost price. When choosing these costs, the distribution expenses of the product and its marketing costs must be included.

Once the unit price is set, it's essential to determine where to place the product to determine its distribution. Is it online? Is it in a physical storefront? Is it both?

Last but not least, it's vital to determine how to promote the product/service. It can be from the old fashion newspaper or magazine, radio or tv commercial, billboard, or more modern digital world on the internet. Google Ads and Meta offer pay-per-click campaigns, for example.

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