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Glenda Kelly

Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Services


Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to my world of creativity. I've woven my passion for communications and graphic design into a tapestry of digital innovation in the food industry.  I'm Google Digital Marketing &

e-Commerce Certified and Meta Certified for Instagram and Facebook.

From Communications Professional to Digital Marketer: My Journey of Adapting and Thriving.

As we navigate through this narrative, you'll uncover my transition from the realm of in-person interactions to the boundless virtual expanse and how I transformed challenges into opportunities during the pandemic.


The Pivot: In the early days of the pandemic, as the world shuttered its doors and traditional communication channels dwindled, I found myself at a crossroads. With a background deeply rooted in communications and graphic design, I knew I needed to adapt. It was time to pivot my in-person work to the virtual sphere.

Crafting my Digital Presence: Determined to remain relevant and resilient, I embarked on a journey to create my digital footprint. Armed with determination, creativity, and a limited budget, I took on the daunting task of building my own website. Through countless hours of self-guided learning and exploration, I found myself mastering the art of web design.


With my website live and bursting with potential, I eagerly awaited the influx of bookings and inquiries. However, days turned into weeks, and the Silence was deafening. The realization that having a website was only a tiny piece of the puzzle began to dawn on me. This led me down a path of curiosity and discovery.

Unveiling the Enigma of SEO and Digital Marketing 

 As a naturally born curious individual, I researched to uncover the mystery behind the lack of traction my website was receiving. This is when I stumbled upon the dynamic duo of digital success: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing. These two terms would soon become the cornerstone of my strategy.


A New Chapter of Learning - Armed with newfound knowledge, I embarked on a journey of learning that would reshape my digital presence. I studied the intricacies of SEO, uncovering the secrets to enhancing my website's visibility on search engines. I unearthed the power of reaching and engaging with a global audience through digital marketing. I became Google Professionally Certified in Digital Marketing & e-Commerce and Meta Certified for Facebook and Instagram. 

The Transformation -  With my arsenal of insights and strategies, my online presence underwent a profound transformation. I optimized my website for search engines, harnessing the power of keywords and user-friendly design. I delved into social media platforms, forging connections and showcasing my work to a broader audience.


Embracing the Digital Frontier - My journey from a communications professional to a digital marketer has been one of evolution, resilience, and continuous learning. Through the challenges and triumphs, I've understood that having a website is merely the first step – combining strategic SEO and digital marketing truly unlocks its potential. As I navigate this ever-changing landscape, I invite you to join me in embracing the digital frontier and opening its limitless possibilities. Just remember, a website without digital marketing is like a masterpiece hidden away in a forgotten gallery – it's time to bring your masterpiece into the spotlight.


So, there you have it – the story of my transition, struggles, and triumphs in Digital Transformation. From communications to design, from confusion to clarity, and from a dormant website to a bustling hub of interaction, this journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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